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Last update on progress: July 19, 2015

Stuff I'm working on: (I will do my best to tell you the process for the chapters as accurately as I can.)

:bulletgreen: The Chosen One Chapter 14 Blue bar-50%done by L3Moon-Studios

:bulletred: The Maria Sisters Chapter 1 Blue Bar-starting by L3Moon-Studios

:bulletblue: Mario's Weakness Chapter 5 Blue bar-50%done by L3Moon-Studios
:bulletblue: ??? (The title will be a secret.) Blue bar-50%done by L3Moon-Studios

This is the order in which I'll submit one of the chapters for the 3 different series I'm working on. I will do my best to follow this order, but I will warn you that I will change the order every now and then. ^^;

:bulletgreen: 1st- The Chosen One

:bulletred: 2nd- The Maria Sisters

:bulletblue: 3rd- Mario's Weakness

Art Status:

B/W Ani : Commissions IDON'TDO - Button by Drache-Lehre I don't have PayPal and I honestly will never get it. ^^;

B/W Ani : Point Commissions CLOSED - Button by Drache-Lehre I am very busy with life, but when I open point commissions, it'll be for everyone.

B/W Ani : Art Trades (AT) CLOSED - Button by Drache-Lehre I'm not completely sure if I will ever open art trades. ^^; If I ever open art trades, it will be open for everyone.

B/W Ani : Requests CLOSED - Button by Drache-Lehre I don't have the time to work on requests, but if I ever open them, they'll be for friends only.

B/W Ani : Collabs ASK ME - Button by Drache-Lehre I will only do a collaboration if I write the story and the other person illustrates the story. (Sort of like what RobinLee and saiiko did with the Brotherly Love series.)

B/W Ani : Kiribans I DON'T DO - Button by Drache-Lehre To be completely honest, I don't like kiribans. ^^; I know what kiribans are, but I sort of think of kiribans as requests. ^^;

B/W Ani : Gifts FRIENDS ONLY - Button by Drache-Lehre This is pretty much self-explanatory.

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Like the title saids, I am back form my vacation.  The vacation was a lot of fun, but I'm also glad that I'm back home with my family and friends. :aww: I did work on some literature while I was gone, but it's not finished yet. ^^; (I'm still working on the literature.)

Anyway, it's good to be back with you guys. :)


LuigisLittleAngel's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Literature
United States
Profile picture made by TheFantasySystem. :)

Hello everybody! My name is Lindsey, and I am a huge Nintendo fan and a even bigger fan of the Mario series. :) I love to write literature, so you will see a lot of stories in my gallery. I also love to read, play video games, make new friends, and role-play. If you ever want to role-play with me, you can either note me, or you can comment on my profile. I don't mind which one you do. :aww:

If you ever want to chat with me, don't be afraid to because I won't bite. :)

- Free Icon - Mario Hat by tsuemi BEST :iconnot-so-better-half::iconluigislittleangel: BROS! - Free Icon - Game Boy Advance by tsuemi

Friends: Everyone I'm watching is my friend. (If they don't count me as one, then I understand.)

Amazing Friends (in no order):

You are a friend for lifetime

Quick summary of me:

Name: Lindsey

Birthday: June 16th

Favorite colors: Green and blue

Favorite video game character: Luigi (My second favorite character is Daisy.)

Favorite couple: LuigixDaisy

Favorite Mario games:
:bulletblue: Luigi's Mansion
:bulletgreen: Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon
:bulletblue: Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time
:bulletgreen: Mario and Luigi: Dream Team
:bulletblue: Super Paper Mario
:bulletgreen: Super Mario Bros. 3
:bulletblue: Super Mario 64 DS.

My birthday badge

USA Language Level stamp4 by Faeth-design German: Beginner Level by SovietSparkleParty

I'm going to continue taking German this year. If you speak German, I would prefer if you speak to me in German instead of English, so that I can learn the language better (if you don't want to speak to me in German, I'm fine with that), but if I can't understand you, then I'll ask you to talk to me in English. (Note: I am a little rusty in German, but I will do my best to communicate in German.)

How much am I like :iconluigi-plz:?
[x] Favorite color is green.
[x] LOVE spaghetti.
[x] Cowardly, yet can be brave at some points.
[ ] Have a brother. (I have sisters.)
[x] Afraid to tell someone you love them.
[x] Always second in things.
[x] Have a bad side of you.
[x] Very sweet and nice.
[x] Sensitive.
[/] Skinny and tall.
[ ] Don't give your name to scoundrels,and punish them for their badness.
[ ] Dance and say your name while dancing.
[ ] Have been in a haunted place before.
[ ] Popular and/or most loved.
[x] Mess up often.

Got 9.5! :w00t:

:iconlovegreenplz::iconluigi-plz::iconlovegreenplz::iconpaperluigiplz::iconlovegreenplz::iconangelluigi::iconlovegreenplz::iconsmb--luigi::iconlovegreenplz::iconsweetluigiplz::iconlovegreenplz:Luigi sleeping avatar by ZatchHunter:iconlovegreenplz::iconluigimarioplz::iconlovegreenplz::iconluigiplz::iconlovegreenplz:Luigi Taunt Avatar by AkiAmeko:iconlovegreenplz:SSBB animated Luigi avatar by ZatchHunter

Couples I support:

:iconmario-plz::iconkokorox::iconprincess-peach-plz: It's pretty obvious that they love each other.

:iconluigi-plz::iconkokorox::iconprincess-daisy-plz: I find it really adorable that Daisy makes Luigi blush to the point where he has a hard time talking.

:iconsmb--baby-mario::iconkokorox::iconsmb--babypeach: This couple is just the younger version of MarioxPeach.

:iconsmb--baby-luigi::iconkokorox::iconsmb-babydaisy: It's the younger version of LuigixDaisy.

:iconspm--mr-l::iconkokorox::iconsmb--daisy: Since Luigi and Mr. L are the same person, I support this couple.

:iconprincess-peach-plz::iconkokorox::iconbowser-plz: To tell you guys the truth, I feel that Peach and Bowser deserve each other (not nearly as much as MarioxPeach). It's true that Bowser takes over the Mushroom Kingdom for selfish reasons, but he also has feelings for Peach, which is cute, in my opinion.

:iconsmb---wario::iconkokorox::iconww---mona: When I first saw Wario in Mario Party 6, I hated him in general, but after I saw some pictures of WarioxMona by LoveandCake, I started to like him (and overtime, I started to like this couple).

:iconwaluigiplz::iconkokorox::iconrosalinaplz: I know this paring is not official, but hey, it's a good couple.

Couples I'm neutral about:

:iconluigi-plz::iconredheart-plz::iconprincess-peach-plz: I don't like this couple a whole lot, but I don't exactly hate it either.

:iconsmb--luigi::iconredheart-plz::iconsmb--rosalina: I'm actually starting to like this couple because even though I still think Rosalina is like a mother to him, I feel that when Luigi's feeling down or depressed, he can always come to Rosalina and she can help him with his depression.

:iconrosalinaplz::iconredheart-plz::iconbowser-plz: This pairing is slowly growing on me.

Couples I hate:

:iconmario-plz::iconbrokenheartplz::iconprincess-daisy-plz: Just because Mario rescued Daisy once, it does not automatically mean that they love each other.

:iconprincess-daisy-plz::iconbrokenheartplz::iconbowser-plz: Since when does Bowser and Daisy have feelings for each other?!

:iconsmb--daisy::iconbrokenheartplz::iconsmb---waluigi: I do like Waluigi and Daisy, but I see them more as enemies than a couple. ^^;

:iconsmb--mario::iconbrokenheartplz::iconsmb--rosalina: I feel that Luigi and Roaslina would be a better couple because they kind of have the same personality.

:iconmario-plz::iconbrokenheartplz::iconpaulineplz: I hate Pauline in general. (Sorry Pauline fans. ^^;)

-____██▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓ L ▓████
-_____██▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓██ GO LUIGI!

...A... ON YOUR

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