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Mario's Weakness Chapter 1 -Redo-
 Mario's POV
 A hero's job is to protect the people they care about. Aside from being a plumber, my job is to protect the princess of the Mushroom Kingdom and the citizens in the kingdom from any villain who threatens to attack the kingdom. I have protected and saved different kingdoms as well, such as Beanbean Kingdom and Pi'illo Island. I have even saved the entire galaxy from Bowser twice. A hero is not always invincible though, especially the moment when the hero loses the people they care about the most. At the beginning of my hero career, I have never thought about the possibilities that Bowser, or any villain I've encountered, count hurt or kill the people who mean everything to me. As my brother, Luigi, and I encountered a few close calls with death, I realized that no one can avoid death. I started to become very cautious, which is why I ordered my brother to stay home while I defeat Bowser and save Peach (again), like I do every Thursday. While Luigi
:iconluigislittleangel:LuigisLittleAngel 9 6
The Chosen One Chapter 2 -Redo-
 As soon as Toad explained the problem, Mario calls out to his brother, saying that he's leaving and will be back soon. When Mario received no reply, he quickly leaves the house and takes the Wrap Pipe to the Mushroom Kingdom, leaving the younger brother alone in the house.
Or so he thinks.
 Outside of the Mario Brothers' house, two koopas are watching Mario enter a Warp Pipe with the servant closely following him. While one koopa had a red shell and a scar on his right eye, the other koopa had a green shell with a scar on his left eye. They were like fire and water because while they are opposites, they are unstoppable when they work as one.
 "I don't see why we need the boy now," the red koopa stated. "We don't necessarily need him until tomorrow night."
 The green koopa silently agree with him, but he isn't going to admit it. Especially when their lives would be on the line if they disobey their master.
 "Master said that he wants the boy now," the green koo
:iconluigislittleangel:LuigisLittleAngel 6 1
The Chosen One Chapter 1 -Redo-
 Mario's POV
 The day is April 8th, making it another Tuesday in the Mushroom Kingdom. One year ago, Luigi, Princess Peach, Bowser, and I defeated Count Bleck and saved the worlds from being destroyed. This last adventure would've been just another regular adventure that we would complete and move on with our lives, if it wasn't for the final battle.
 The four of us defeated Count Bleck, who we thought was the real villain in last adventure. Unfortunately, one of his minions, a crazy jester named Dimentio, took advantage of Count Bleck's weak state and took the Chaos Heart to create Super Dimentio. The thing that made this adventure different than all of the other adventures is that Dimentio controlled my little brother because he was the ideal host of the Chaos Heart.
 My baby brother. That physco jester used my brother to help aid in his plan of killing us and destroying all of the worlds. Peach, Bowser, and I defeated Dimentio and saved Luigi, but I could te
:iconluigislittleangel:LuigisLittleAngel 5 1
The Chosen One Prologue -Redo-
 In the deep parts of Dimble Wood, there is a cave, but this cave is different because there lives a man within this cave. This man was looking through many different pieces of papers, as if he was looking for an answer for his unknown question. He was actually looking for answers, but his frustration only grew because the answers he wanted were not within the many pieces of paper that was skewed about in front of him.
 "It's not here," the man cursed to himself. "And we only have three days to find it. If he doesn't show up soon, I'm going to have to-"

 "Master, master!" a koopa shouted to the man. "We've found the boy! He fits the description you gave us!"
 The man looked up and sighed in relief when he realized that it was one of his henchmen that called out to him. The man could see that the koopa was panting for exhaustion, but he paid no mind because what mattered to him was the paper the koopa had
:iconluigislittleangel:LuigisLittleAngel 4 3
Lucy Koopah's Bio
Name: Lucy Winter Koopah
Nickname: Lu (occasionally called by Emily and some of the older minions)
Birthday: December 31st
Age: 9 (She is the younger twin.)
Gender: Female
Height: 2 ft, 5 in.
Weight: 55 lbs
Species: Koopa troopa
Occupation: When she's 18, she'll be a spy and an occasional chief. (Both her and Emily work for Bowser.)
Hair color: Dark brown
Eye color: Dark green
Skin Color: Bright Yellow
Dark blue shell
Green shoes
Orientation: Straight
Weapon(s): Surprisingly, she would rather use a hammer than use hand to hand combat.
Personality: Introvert, cautious, very kind
Speed: She is very fast, which really helps her when she starts becoming a spy.Intelligence: She is really intelligent, smarter than most of the minions. She's not as smart as her dad, but she's not that far.Creative: Like Kura, Lucy is very creative. She often paints and draws in her free time.
Weak: She d
:iconluigislittleangel:LuigisLittleAngel 2 0
Emily Koopah's Bio
Name: Emily Madeline Koopah
Nickname: Em (called by the older minions and occasionally by Lucy), Emma (called by Mark)
Birthday: December 31st
Age: 9 (She's the older twin.)
Gender: Female
Height: 2 ft, 5 in.
Weight: 55 lbs
Species: Koopa troopa
Occupation: When she's 18, she'll be a guard and in charge of five units in the army. (Both her and Lucy work for Bowser.)
Hair color: Rusty red
Eye color: Dark brown
Skin Color: Bright Yellow
Dark green shellRed shoes
Orientation: Straight
Weapon(s): Surprisingly, she would rather do hand to hand combat than use a weapon, like a hammer/gun.
Personality: Extrovert, adventurous, slightly rebellious, (very caring and kind deep down, but she only shows the kindness to her close friends/family)
Flexible: She is really flexible. She and Lucy took gymnastics at a young age. While Lucy didn't enjoy it very much, Emily loved it.Emotions: Surprisingly, she can handle her emo
:iconluigislittleangel:LuigisLittleAngel 3 2
Happy 17th Birthday dA! by LuigisLittleAngel Happy 17th Birthday dA! :iconluigislittleangel:LuigisLittleAngel 5 4 Biting Pear by LuigisLittleAngel Biting Pear :iconluigislittleangel:LuigisLittleAngel 2 2 Gift: To my best friend and soul sister by LuigisLittleAngel Gift: To my best friend and soul sister :iconluigislittleangel:LuigisLittleAngel 4 2 Happy 16th Birthday! by LuigisLittleAngel Happy 16th Birthday! :iconluigislittleangel:LuigisLittleAngel 1 18
What is this feeling?
 Mason's POV
 The first time I saw him, I thought of him as a hardworking minion.  What I thought was going to happen to us was that we were just going to be friends.  We would talk alot at first, then we would acknowledge each other's presence when we pass each other in the castle. 
 Boy, was I wrong.
 The moment I saw him, I started to have butterflies in my stomach.  I only had that feeling once and it was impossible for me to have feelings for him.  I don't even know the guy's name!
 We got to know each other fairly quickly.  I got to know his name (which is Mark), his childhood (which made me feel bad because his childhood was very rough), and so many other things.  We started to get along very quickly and we soon became best friends.
 The biggest problem I had with him is that the butterflies in my stomach would not go away whenever I'm with him.  I tried relaxing, taking time off from work (with Bowser's permi
:iconluigislittleangel:LuigisLittleAngel 2 0
Best Friend Name Poem by LuigisLittleAngel Best Friend Name Poem :iconluigislittleangel:LuigisLittleAngel 1 12
A Small Help with Love One-Shot -Art Trade-
 "Do you think the waitress had a crush on you big bro?" Luigi asked while looking at the clouds.
 "I'm almost certain little bro," Mario answered. "Almost every female Toad in Toad Town has a crush on me.  Plus, she gave me extra fries, even though I didn't ask for extra fries."
 It was a peaceful Saturday in the Mushroom Kingdom.  Since Princess Peach was safe from Bowser, the Mario Brothers decided to spend the day with each other.  The brothers had just finish eating lunch and both of the brothers are now relaxing at the park. Luigi was laying down on the soft grass, but his head was on Mario's lap.  Mario, on the other hand, was sit up right against a tree.
 "It must be amazing to have a lot of girls have a crush on you," Luigi admitted. "It shows you that you're famous."
 "I don't mind being famous, but it gets annoying when you have a lot of girls follow you around," Mario confessed. "It's no wonder why Peach gets jealous very easily.
:iconluigislittleangel:LuigisLittleAngel 18 216
Mario's Weakness Chapter 5 -Gift-
 Mario's POV
 Ever since I finished reading the note, which was about 20 minutes ago, I thought about the hardest decision I would ever have to make in my entire life.  Don't get me wrong, I want to protect my brother as much as possible, but if Peach and I surrender, then hundreds of lives would be at risk.  I don't want all those lives to be at risk, but at the same time, I don't want my brother to be killed by that horrible monster.  I kept thinking about the huge decision, but my thoughts were soon interrupted when I heard footsteps entering the house.  I quickly wiped away the tears off of my face, so that the person wouldn't have to worry about my current problem.
 "Mario?" a sweet voice, that I immediately recognized, asked. "Are you in here?"
 "I'm here Peach," I answered. "I'm in Luigi's room."
 I heard Peach's footsteps coming towards the bedroom.  It took her a little bit (she wasn't use to a small house), but she finally fou
:iconluigislittleangel:LuigisLittleAngel 22 51
Elizabeth Lauren Smith's Bio -Gift-
Name: Elizabeth Lauren Smith
Age: 7 (Her birthday is May 4th.) 
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Hair color: Dark Red (Like her mother, she has long hair but she will keep it down.  The only time where Elizabeth's hair is in a ponytail is when she's on an adventure of some sort.)
Eye color: Blue
Powers/abilities/styles/gifts: Unlike her mother and uncle, she doesn't have any powers.
Current town: Instead of living in Toad Town, Ethan, Lucy, and Elizabeth live in Lucy's mansion in Evershade Vally. (Lucy's mansion is a rank D in Luigi's Mansion.)
Personality: When Elizabeth was a toddler, she was very outgoing, much like Ethan.  She was very energetic and she would often talk a lot (even if she had a hard time pronouncing a lot of words), similar to how Ethan is today.  As she grows older though, she starts to become quiet and shy, much like Lucy's timid nature.  Even though she would be shy when she's older, she's still actually outgoing deep down, but the only tim
:iconluigislittleangel:LuigisLittleAngel 3 13
Mario's Weakness Chapter 4 -Gift-
 Mario's POV
 I could only stare at Toad in disbelieved.
 "What do you mean Bowser's taking over the Mushroom Kingdom?" I finally asked after a minute of silence. "I thought that he wasn't gonna attack till Thursday."
 "That's what we thought too, but this morning, two of the Toads saw 10 of Bowser's airships, then all of the sudden, we heard an explosion at the entrance," Toad explained.
 I started to run towards Peach's castle, but I immediately stopped when I had a weird feeling that something bad was gonna happen.  I never had this feeling before, but I decided to ignore it while I turned around to look at Toad.   
 "Hey Toad," I said. "While I'm saving Peach, can you watch Luigi for a little bit?"
 "Sure," Toad answered. 
 "Thanks," I replied while starting to walk. "He's sleeping in his room, so try not to wake him up."
 "I won't," Toad said. "And good luck rescuing Peach!"
 I just nodded in resp
:iconluigislittleangel:LuigisLittleAngel 27 85
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